A bittersweet love story that takes place in the vision of their futures of two children, one American and one Soviet. The Soviet dreams of coming here, while the American dreams of dancing with the Bolshoi Ballet. As both try to pursue their goals, symbolically both countries still have a long way to go. The film is not political. The focus is on the cultures and people of our two dynamic countries.

By Robert Kath


Genres: short film


7 minutes, 16-mm film


Producer and Directors

Robert Kath - producer

Paolo Mazzucato - director / writer

Boris Airapetyan - director / writer


Stepashkin, Vadim - Young Man

Muffley, Rhonda - Young Woman

Shcherbakov, Aleksandr  - Boy

Armato, Amanda  - Girl

Ustinov, Alexei - Old man


Kozlov, Sergei

Perrault, Stephan

Production Manager

Gorbunov, Boris

Editel / Chicago

Williams, Jeffery A. - computer animation

Gregg Jackson - editor

Neal Oswald - editor

Joe Gordon - film colorist

Larry longman - film colorist

Mark Springer - ausi syncing

John Binder - audio sweetening

Lorenn Silber - audio sweetening

Lisa Masciarotte - post coordinator

Dave Logan - post coordinator

Reid Brody - consultatnt

Other Crew

Eric Sproull - sound mixer

Stuart Merril - production assistant

Gelena Gutlina - interpreter

Gary Light - interpreter

Tatiana Tursunova - interpeter

Haidar Lutafi - interpeter

Natalia Levitanskaya - production coordinator

Larisa Domogatzkaja - production coordinator

Natalia Zavgorodkaja - production coordinator

Production Design

Sergey Mavrody - production designer / art director

Eric Fitchter - production designer / art director


Kopisov, Vadim - composer

Whitmore, Guy and Hanke, P.J. - composers and performers

Valentina and Jordan, Jerry - lead vocalists

Ivanova, Natalia - vocalist

Children's vocals - Brian Conklin, Ben Dodge, Julie Feddema, jonathan Spaeth, Mark Thomas, Jackie Wang

Assistant and Casting Directors

Borden, Robert - assistant director

Ivanova, Natalia - assistant director

Petrovich, Ana - casting director

Art Department

Annino, Mike - graphic designer

Borke, Kristen  - wardrobe

Camera and Electrical Department

H.D. Motyl - cinematographer (documentary)

Michael Sychev - cinematographer (documentary)

Chastain, Cindy - assistant camera

Seymour, Bruce  - lighting director

Erlander, Scott - crane operator

Molnar, Kevin - photographer

Other Companies

Chicago Recording Co. - sound post-production

Royal Recorders - sound

Zenith / db Studios - soundtrac

Special Thanks

Delta Airlines

Sony Corporation of America

River North Recorders

Eastman Kodak

Walt Disney Productions


US Department of State

  • 1988, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Frank O'Connor Memorial Award (North Hollywood, CA) - currently known as Emmy Award - Second Place
  • 1989, CINE Eagle Award (Washington, DC) - Winner
  • 1989, Golden Reel Competition (Internationsl Television and Video Association) - finalist
  • 1989, Chicago Music Video Contest (Chicago, IL) - 1st place
  • 1990, The IAC International Fil/Video Festival (London, UK) - Silver Certificate
  • 1990, The Badalona Film Festival (Badalona, Spain) - Special Mention of the Jury
  • 1989, Houston International Film and Video Competition, currently WorldFest Houston - Honorable Mention (Bridging The Gap, documentary)


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